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Here are three facts about how we trade: First, we do not markup nor sell equipment. Second, we provide free cryotherapy business guidance. Last, We offer the best price guarantee & financing support for a premium.

Asma Ait Chafaa

Co-founder & Customer Satisfaction Manager

Our sustainable business model saves you cash up to $12,000!

We’ve identified a sustainable business model that is based on where customers see the value — DIRECT CASH SAVING! Everyone agrees that purchasing cryotherapy equipment is a significant investment that can make or break a business. 

If you’re about to purchase a machine for $60,000, we bet that you’ll be keen on spending a tiny 1% that could save you up to 12% of your investment cost.

I will help you compare cryotherapy equipments with my reviews - Asma Ait Chafaa- Co-FounderWhile all cryotherapy equipment manufacturers push their sole product to all projects, we pay attention to your specific project’s needs in order to recommend the most suitable machine according to your needs & budget.

Nawfel M. Oussedik / Co-Founder & CEO

1. Premium support from cryo experts

 By subscribing to our premium support, you’ll get:

  • Best manufacturer pricing guarantee
  • Cryotherapy-specific business & marketing plan
  • Leasing application support with our exclusive partner

Premium support costs $899 and helps save $6,380 on average.

Interested in premium support?

2. Accredited online whole body cryo courses

How to use whole-body cryo in practice reviewed by Dr. G. Lombardi: Key opinion leader in the field of whole-body cryo (IRCCS, Milan).

This course (10 modules, total time: 4 hours) contains video’s, written materials, a reference list, an easy-to-use portal, and your personal certification!

The whole curriculum costs $310.

Wanna become a whole-body cryo expert?

Get both and save $150